November & December Events

Hey there,

With a new baby and then the wildfires, it's been crazy here lately. Here some of the events going on pastry-wise in the industry for November and December:

Nov. 3-4 Salon Passion Chocolat (Passion for Chocolate Show)
Nov. 3-7 Christmas Craft Festival Gingerbread House Competition
Nov. 6-10 National Ice Cream and Yogurt Retailers Assoc. Annual Convention.
Nov. 7-8 Vanilla 2007
Nov. 9-11 Coffee Fest Seattle
Nov. 9-11 Chocolate Show NY 2007
Nov. 10-11 Sugarcraft & Cake Decoration Show UK
Nov. 10-13 Tea Business School
Nov. 15-17 Balkan Fruit Symposium

Dec. 7-9 Kuala Lumpur Coffee and Tea Festival
Dec. 11-13 Candy Cane Hunt, Jefferson, Missouri
Dec. 13-16 Sheffield Christmas Market 2007

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