Red Band Flour Discontinued

Okay, I'll admit it: I'm a Pacific-Northwest-born Southern-California-Living Girl from the South. While Red Band Flour may not be recognizable to most, more than a few will be disappointed that another product identifiable from the South will be discontinued. I was as dissapointed when I heard this as all of you are now!

For more info and updates:

I contacted Kathleen Purvis, Food Editor of The Charlotte Observer in Charlotte, for help on this topic. Here is what she said about it - with tips for substituting it. White Lily, Martha White, and Southern Biscuit have been suggestions. The Red Band 'grain recipe' for the flour just is not the same as other brands, but maybe experimenting can help. Southern Biscuit was the only brand of self-rising flour I used in Charlotte, so I would try their regular flour first, but I know others would disagree. Also - Sanford Milling's 'Short Patent Snow Flake', available in certain areas.

Suggestions for replacements for Red Band Flour

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