More info in RED BAND FLOUR

Back in May I wrote about Red Band Flour and that it was being discontinued.
The original blog is here. In response to the dismay in everyone's voice from comments and emails, I contacted a person who I knew could give me more information and hopefully good substitutions, Kathleen Purvis, Food Editor of The Charlotte Observer in Charlotte, NC.

Kathleen indicated it still is a hot-button issue for local bakers, and that many people are now switching to Southern Biscuit brand, from Midstate Mills, Inc - which can be found in '12 Southern states' according to their website:
When I lived in Charlotte, this brand was the only self-rising flour I used, and it was consistent and baked well.

Another one she suggested with limited distribution is Sanford Milling's 'Short Patent Snow Flake'. Incidently, Sanford Milling Company is newly a kosher-certified facility, for flour and grain products:

Hope this helps. The holiday baking season is coming up quick! I gave and continue to give thanks to Kathleen Purvis with these great suggestions for replacements on what was a beloved brand for many bakers. Hopefully these (and others - such as using 1/3 cake flour and 2/3 all-purpose flour of national brands) will help and provide consistency in baking.

I guess that is what everyone is looking for in a flour, anyway. Happy Baking!

Read the original post here, and everyone's comments regarding their dismay at this Southern product being discontinued.


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