Upcoming Event: Spend an Evening with a Chocolatier, Paul A. Young

Okay, if you're from, or planning to be in, the UK on the 13th of October, this event sounds really fun. Paul A. Young, London chocolatier, will be giving a demonstration on marble tempering after taking his guests on a special trip from chocolate bean to chocolate bar, and details what single origin and rare chocolate is all about.

At £175 per person, it isn't cheap, and it is limited to 8 people per class. But if you wanted to spend an evening that exclusively revolves around high end chocolate, this would be the class. I only wish I was there to join. I would LOVE to be there :) Details below.
  • Event: Paul A Young Fine Chocolates - An Evening to Celebrate Chocolate Week.
  • When: October 13, 2015, 6pm to 9pm. 
  • Where: At his Soho, London store on 143 Wardour Street.
  • Details: Comfortable clothes recommended; arrive 10 minutes before the class starts.
If you are not already familiar with Paul A. Young or his chocolates, watch the video below. Sign up and book by calling their store. Visit Paul A Young's event page for contact info. Enjoy!

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How Pie Evolved Into Something Sweet

Great article via Slate on how pie evolved into a dessert from its beginning as a meat casserole.

From the article:
Today, you’d be horrified if you ordered a pie and someone tried to serve you a crow baked in tough crust. So how did these semiedible avian tombs evolve into the sweet dish we know and love? The answer has a little to do with the peculiar way words evolved as they crossed the Atlantic and a lot to do with America’s insatiable lust for sugar.
For the full article, read How Did Pie Evolve From a Medieval Crow-Meat Casserole Into America's Favorite Dessert? by Rachel E. Gross, via Slate Food.

+Renee Shelton
Twitter: @121degreesC

PA Auction of Bakery Equipment: Mixers, Warmers, Ovens, Ice Cream Machine, More

Upcoming Auction via AuctionZip: Restaurant Smalls and Restaurant Equipment.

Large array of different bakery items up for auction:

  • Mixers: Hobart A-120 12qt 3 speed Mixer w/attachments; Hobart HL-200 20qt 3 speed Mixer w/attachments; Anvil 20 Qt. Mixer with S/S Bowl, Whip, Beater, Hook, small cart; Vulcan Mixer 60 quart; Hobart Mixer Model C-10; Hobart A 200 Mixer.
  • Freezers: Caravell Countertop Freezer; Excellance Commercial Products ELD-4L, 4.1 Cu. Ft. Countertop Freezer; Hussmann Freezer; Dillon-Lilly 2-door cooler; Delfield Fridg.
  • Ovens: Vulcan Oven; Alto Shaam Warmer; -NU-VU Circulating Air Oven; NU-VU Circulating Air Oven; Blodgett Convection Oven; Bakers Pride Oven
  • Other Equipment: Taylor Softech Ice Cream Machine; Floss Boss Cotton Candy Machine; Vitamix Blender; Avery Berkel Scale Model 6720-7; Hamburger Bun Sheet Pans Approx. 225.

Auction Info:

  • When: September 9, 2015, begin 9am for restaurant smalls, 11:00 restaurant equipment.
  • Where: PA Auction Center, Quarryville, PA.
  • Contact and Info: Bakery Auction.

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Baking Hacks Video

From BuzzFeed - 10 life changing baking hacks, for your rushed baking pleasure.

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Extreme Working Conditions in Sugar Cane Fields Have Caused Fatal CKDnT - Kidney Disease

Another effect to the high demand for sugar - deaths from working too hard harvesting sugarcane. It is estimated that the extreme and very harsh working environments in Central American sugarcane fields have caused the death of about 20,000 people over the past 10 years from Chronic Kidney Disease of Non-Traditional Causes (CKDnt).

Working in the fields harvesting sugarcane is a grueling job. The worldwide increase in temperatures has made the problem worse in the past decade.

From an article by Confectionery News:

He said workers woke at 4:30 am to laboriously cut at sugarcane with knives in 30 degree C [86 degrees F] heat for six days a week, seldom taking water breaks for fear of reduced productivity.

The La Isla Foundation reported on a study involving the causes of chronic kidney disease in sugar cutters, and found that the kidneys were damaged due to repeated heat stress and dehydration. Providing better working conditions giving workers access to shade, water, and rest time during the work day are likely ways to intervene this disturbing trend.

For more info, read these articles.

+Renee Shelton
Twitter: @121degreesC


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