Maker Monday: Paper Cornet and Chocolate Work

Another great video from Albarock: Technique du cornet au chocolate - cornet techniques with chocolate. His recipe for the chocolate: for the amount of chocolate in weight, add in 10% of that in oil (example - 100g of chocolate, add in 10g of oil). Melt in microwave - just to melt, do not get hot.

He does a really great job of showing how to properly roll a strong, tight cornet. If you are wanting to pipe out chocolate using a paper cornet, having a good paper cornet is really a necessity. ;)

Chocolate piping tips using a cornet:

  • Use a properly rolled cornet. (Stiff! Not loose or soft!) You need it to stand up to piping fine work.
  • Do not overfill. (It will spill out!)
The video is below.


2nd Annual Monterey-Carmel Chocolate Salon

2nd Annual Monterey-Carmel Chocolate Salaon
Chocolate event coming up on May 2, 2015.

2nd Annual Monterey-Carmel Chocolate Salon at Carmel by the Sea, CA

"Discover, Savor & Taste From Some of the Finest Chocolatiers and Confectioners"

Event Details:

  • Chocolate Salon:
  • Save the Date: May 2, 2015 - 11am to 5pm at the Sunset Cultural Center on San Carlos St.
  • Chocolate tastings, chef and author talks, wine tasting, TasteTV's Chocolate Television, confections, demos, and more.
  • Advance purchase tickets can be purchased online via Eventbrite. Children under 6 free (limit 2, more than two children under 6 is 10$), children 6 to 12 is 10$.
  • Sampling of the speakers and presenters: Art Pollard of Amano Artisan Chocolate; Ever in Transit blog; Former Dean of Le Cordon Bleu Chef Gigi Gaggero. Check later for the full list.


Maker Monday: Glazing Marzipan Figures

Short video on how to glaze marzipan. The recipe from the ExpertVillage video is below.

Marzipan Glaze Recipe

  • 2 tablespoons corn syrup
  • 1/4 cup water
  1. Bring to a boil.
  2. Pour into a dish.
  3. Dip or brush the pieces with the glaze.

Maker Monday Video - Isomalt Jewels - How to Make Shiny Edible Isomalt Gems Using a Piping Bag

Here is a helpful video - simply how to make isomalt jewels. Begin with heating isomalt dry, without any water. If you've been tempted to try it and haven't done it yet, this video does a great job taking you through the basics. It is done by the Artisan Cake Company, one of my favorite YouTube cake decorating channels.



Girl Scout Cookie Mini Oven - For Those That Want Thin Mints, Trefoils and More Year Round

Photo courtesy Wicked Cool Toys,
Looking for the perfect toy for a Girl Scout this fall, or perhaps the little baker of the house? Wicked Cool Toys is coming out with a Girl Scouts Cookie Oven this Fall, 2015.

Wicked Cool Toys - Girl Scout Cookie Toy Oven

From the press release:
The Girl Scouts Cookie Oven lets aspiring bakers experience the hands-­‐on fun of making their own Girl Scout Cookies. A real working oven, it comes complete with tools and mixes that allow girls to make cookies that look and taste just like the real thing. There’s also a viewing window that lets bakers see the treats they’re making and a warming station to heat and melt delicious cookie coatings and frostings. The Girl Scouts Cookie Oven comes with a mix to create Thin Mints®, a spatula, baking pan and measuring tool. SRP is $59.99.
Refill packs will be available - Thin Mints, PB Sandwich, Trefoils, Chocolate Peanut Butter, Coconut Caramel, Chocolate Chip, Sugar and Oatmeal - each for $6.99. The Deluxe refill packs will include these packs:
  • Thin Mints and PB Sandwich - $14.99.
  • Trefoils - Three cookie pack (Trefoils, Chocolate Shortbread, Lemon Cookies) - $14.99.
  • Chocolate Peanut Butter and Coconut Caramel - $14.99.
  • Chocolate Chip / Sugar / Oatmeal - $14.99.
For those that want to role play, too, a Girl Scouts On-the-Go Wagon ($129.99) and a Girl Scout Cookie Stand ($79.99) will also be available.

For full detail, visit the Wicked Cool Toys Girl Scout Cookie Oven press release or contact Wicked Cool Toys directly.


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