The Pie Family and All the Cousins: Pies, Tarts, and Everything in Between (or on top of) Pie Crust

Descriptions and defintions of desserts relating to the basic pie: pie and deep dish pie, tart, galette, croustade, flan, free form tart, turnovers, fried pies, tarte tatin and upside down pie, and the classic angel pie.

From The Pie Family and All the Cousins: Pies, Tarts, and Everything in Between (or on top of) Pie Crust 


I'm Gonna Bake You a Love Cake - A Baking Song by Rocky and Balls

A little ditty about baking a Love Cake. :) By Rocky and Balls.

Bakery For Sale: Valerio's Tropical Bakeshop in Waipahu, HI

I came across this listing today: Valerio's Tropical Bakeshop. 1,115 square feet space for $65,000. Gross rent: $3,253.60. Listing says it is currently vacant, includes a 60-gallon Hobart mixer, dough roller, oven, and walk in freezer / refrigerator, among other things (see below). Turn-key commercial property. Sublease.

Valerio's Bakeshop - Image courtesy Sofos Realty.


Address: 94-861 Farrington Highway, Waipahu, Hawaii, 96797. Sublease. Zoning: B2.

Flyer - printable with all details.

Equipment Included:

  • Kemplex Dough Roller
  • Erica Dough Roller
  • 60-Gallon Hobart Dough Mixer
  • Baxter Automated Oven
  • 2-Double Burner Gas Stoves
  • 2-Maple Wood Prep Tables
  • 2-Warming Racks
  • Double Glass Refrigerator
  • Manapua Warmer
  • New 80-Gallon Water Heater
  • 12 Camera Remote Security System
  • Multi-Spetor Grease Trap
Contact Info:

  • Sofas Realty, Jay K. Elicker.
  • 808-522-5992

Gender Inequality in Chocolate Operations

Interesting read from Confectionery News on gender inequality and the cocoa growing and farming front. It seems while women can be trained with all the technical knowledge on cocoa farming in certain parts of the world, they may not be able to own actual land. Without being an actual land owner, some suppliers will not engage in business. An unfortunate circle that some societies need to break before real gender progress happens.

Gender inequality not just social but structural and choc giants must realize this: Oxfam
By Annie-Rose Harrison-Dunn of Confectionery News.

Confectionery giants Mondelēz International, Nestlé and Mars must do far more to ensure women are not blocked from day-to-day commercial cocoa operations because of issues like land rights, according to a report commissioned by Oxfam. 

Full article below.


Ebola Virus and Chocolate

Ebola has worried many, including chocolatiers. The Ivory Coast of Africa, Côte D’Ivoire, leads the world in cocoa production. While the Ebola virus has not yet traveled there, the Ivory Coast borders Liberia and Guinea, two countries ravaged by the virus.

Some are worried that chocolate prices will surge up. The World Cocoa Foundation recently solicited donations totaling $600,000 from members to help with the Ebola virus fight and support efforts. 100% of this money will go directly to the cause. Care and prevention is key to first containing, then halting the virus.

From the World Cocoa Foundation:
"The spread of Ebola is a serious concern to WCF and our member companies, given our deep and longstanding support for the well-being of West African cocoa-growing communities. This member-led contribution reflects an ongoing strong commitment by our industry to health and humanitarian relief efforts during international crises," said Bill Guyton, president, World Cocoa Foundation. "We recognize that many rural communities in West Africa, including those where cocoa is grown, need support to find sustainable solutions to economic and social problems that may hinder their ability to tackle threats such as Ebola."


World Cocoa Foundation. Global Cocoa Sector Joins Fight Against Ebola. World Cocoa Foundation, 15 Oct. 2014. Web. 19 Oct. 2014. Press Release.

Images: Public domain.


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