Mixed Auction: Restaurant Supply and Equipment

Last minute auction - Combo DJ Equipment and Restaurant Supply - mixed auction from different consignors.

 Full list of items up for auction include

  • Vulcan ThermAir electic convection oven
  • Heated Baker’s case on wheels
  • Wisco cookie / toaster oven m#560B
  • Alma Espresso/Cappuccino/Coffee machine m#ALMA
  • Oyster ice cream & frozen yogurt maker
  • Chatillon 20lb. Hanging scale

From site:

We will be auctioning LIVE DJ & nice restaurant from various consignors. Most items are levied by a secured creditor & sold clear of all liens. Auction to include: DJ & bar sound/lighting equipment by Numark, Peavey, American DJ, Chauvet & others. Restaurant equipment: Hobart 40 qt mixer, Masterbilt cooler, slicer, Hobart & other fryers, convection oven, 3 sandwich preps, ice machines, 2 gas stock stoves, 30″ char-broiler, miscellaneous wire racks, S/S work tables & wall shelves, assorted dining tables, assorted dining chairs, bar height tables, lots of matching single and double booths, Royal cash register, smallwares and much, much more!!

Auction Details

Fortune Cookie Lottery Winner

I'll admit it - I've always wanted to share this phrase: fortune cookie lottery winner. A woman from the Bronx won a $2 million lottery prize, earning her a $1.2 lump sum payout, from the numbers she got from a fortune cookie. I guess those numbers could be lucky, after all.

Here is the full story from the New York Daily News.


Pastry Chefs Making a Comeback - Article from LA Times

Betty Hallock reports from the LA Times on the resurgence of the pastry chef.

After some rough years, conditions are just right for the return of those responsible for diners’ sugargasms. The proof is in, so to speak, the pudding.


Great read - with profiles of 6 great pastry chefs.

End of Cocao Bean Blending in the UK?

Lobbying is in place by the European Cococa Association to make exempt cocoa from the new labeling that will be in place December 2014 - which would effectively eliminate the practice of mixing beans as all cocoa origins would have to be listed. While varietal chocolate is prized in and of itself, mixing chocolate has become standard as there are so many influences that go into growing the beans. Flexibility is needed when producing a product from such a highly volatile commodity such as cocoa growing.

More from Confectionery News:

"The European Cococa Association (ECA) is campaigning to exclude cocoa and cocoa semi-finished products from voluntary and mandatory origin labelling foreseen in mooted EU legislation."

Mixed Bean Cocoa Blends: Flavor Trumps Origin

I remember when cacao varietals were beginning to take foot, and then became the rage. Single origin still remains an important segment in the confectionery industry. But it appears that private labels are vying for flavor rather than origin in creating chocolate blends, Confectionery News reports. Flavor trumps origin in mixed bean cocoa blends.

The premium private label chocolate industry is becoming increasing interested in the subtleties of cocoa and is willing to sacrifice single origins for a flavorsome blend, according to French chocolatier Cémoi.


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