Chocolate Marshmallow Jelly Roll Cake

Looking for something a little old fashioned, a little fancy to make for dessert this weekend? Try the Chocolate Marshmallow Roll recipe from a 1950 advertising cookbook from Royal Cream of Tartar Baking Powder.

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Deforestation and the Cocoa Industry

A really great read on the cocoa industry and how it has changed landscapes through deforestation and illegally grown cocoa. It is estimated that at least 17% of the worlds yearly cocoa harvest comes from protected areas.
The World Cocoa Foundation’s (WCF) president, Mighty Earth’s campaign director and the managing director of NGO the Voice Network have responded to a recent Mighty Earth report that found cocoa-led deforestation is rife.
The report claimed cocoa production has been responsible for a quarter of 291,254 acres of protected forests cleared in Côte d’Ivoire between 2001 and 2014 and 7,000 square kilometers of forest lost in Ghana over the same time, equivalent to 10% of its entire tree cover.
Three national news organizations – The Guardian in the UK, Der Spiegel in Germany and RFI in France - this month broke news from the report that these practices were endangering chimpanzee and elephant populations.
For the full article, read: The final cut: What can the chocolate industry really do to halt cocoa deforestation? from Confectionery News.

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Upcoming and Current Bakery Auctions March 2017

Hobart Heavy Duty 30 Qt Dough Mixer - Image from Auctionzip lizting.

Here are some recent bakery and equipment items for auction

Great ways to shop for equipment.

Restaurant, Butcher, Bakery Equipment Auction
Commercial Bakery and Consignment Online Auction
Cafe/Yogurt Shop Equipment Auction

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Slow Bread by Chris Young Book Review

Making bread is an ancient craft and a fulfilling experience, a skill that is learnt by touch and feel. There is nothing more satisfying than kneading, pulling, stretching and punching the dough, using a little yeast and sugar to transform its lumpen beginnings, as if by alchemy, into a loaf. But it's not all hard work. To get a truly wonderful bread, you can use a starter to do the work for you and it does wonders for the texture, flavours and aromas of the final bread. The Real Bread Campaign has been running since 2008, encouraging people to get baking and raising awareness of the additives that exist in most shop-bought loaves. In Slow Dough: Real Bread, learn secrets from the campaign's network of expert bakers to make a huge array of exciting slow-rise breads at home. Whether you want to make a Caraway Seed Rye Bread, a Fougasse Flatbread or an All-Butter Brioche, in these recipes you'll learn how to make different starters for different breads, as well as the fundamental processes (many of which you can just sit and wait for): fermenting, kneading, first proof, last rising, and baking. In a world of mass-production and redundant additives, bread being among the worst offenders, this book, about real craftsmanship, is like a breath of fresh air.
Read the book review plus try a recipe from the book Slow Dough on the Pastry Sampler Blog.

Book Info:

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"Mindfully" Eating Chocolate Increases Positive Mood

A great study out of Gettysburg College's Psychology department. Each participant was randomly asked to eat either a cracker or piece of chocolate either mindfully or non-mindfully. Researchers found that eating chocolate mindfully (focusing on the ingredient production) rather than simply eating without thinking produces an actual increase in a positive mood over other participants.

A fun study on the effect of chocolate and what it does to the people who eat it, but it also shows that mindfully eating a comfort food can better increase a positive mood over mindlessly snacking.

Abstract from The Sweet Life: The Effect of Minful Chocolate Consumption on Mood published via Appetite, Volume 108:
Chocolate consumption is anecdotally associated with an increase in happiness, but little experimental work has examined this effect. We combined a food type manipulation (chocolate vs. crackers) with a mindfulness manipulation (mindful consumption vs. non-mindful consumption) and examined the impact on positive mood. Participants (N = 258) were randomly assigned to eat a small portion (75 calories) of chocolate or a control food (crackers) in a mindful or non-mindful way. Participants who were instructed to mindfully eat chocolate had a greater increase in positive mood compared to participants who were instructed to eat chocolate non-mindfully or crackers either mindfully or non-mindfully. Additional analyses revealed that self-reported liking of the food partially mediated this effect. Chocolate appears to increase positive mood, but particularly when it is eaten mindfully.
Confectionery News called it 'candy karma,' and reported on how the participants were asked to eat mindfully - by holding the chocolate or cracker and thinking about the people who actually made the ingredients that were needed for production.


Meier, Brian P. "The Sweet Life: The Effect of Mindful Chocolate Consumption on Mood." Science Direct. Appetite, 15 Sept. 2016. Web. 06 Oct. 2016. 

NIEBURG, Oliver. "Candy Karma: Eating Chocolate 'mindfully' Boosts Mood, Says NCA-backed Study." N.p., 05 Oct. 2016. Web. 06 Oct. 2016.  

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