The Differences in the 402 Ruffle Border Pastry Tip

With the discontinuing of the 402 pastry tip from Bakery Crafts and Parrish's Magic Line (who I both purchased them from wholesale in the past), I've been inundated with questions on where to find this tip, or how to replace this tip, or if there is even an alternative out there for this tip.

Wilton does make a 402, but it is a little different from the 402 I used to sell to my customers. It is less blunt at the top and more pointed, and the opening doesn't quite have the deep arc that the other 402 had. So, I'm not sure I can recommend this one as a replacement since there are such differences here. Which is why I have not included the Wilton 402 in my Ruffle Border set - the new Ruffle Border set only contains the 401 and the 403 combined as a set.

Below is a comparison for you to check out. Hope this helps out if you are thinking about the Wilton, and want to know how it compares to the old 402. It's a good tip for ruffled borders, just not the same.

+Renee Shelton
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