Resume Examples for Pastry Chefs, Cooks, and Bakers

Looking to brush up your resume? Here are some examples and tips for writing a resume for the pastry professional.

Good things to include or touch up on for later follow up:
  • What sets you apart from the rest
  • What did you bring to the table at your last position
  • What are your specialties
  • Are you familiar with current trends
  • Can you write menus & standardize recipes
  • Have you worked within a budget, managed a budget, set a budget
  • Are you able to work with people, and are you an effective leader
  • What is your education and/or experience
  • If you have no leadership experience, how did you change the last kitchen for the better
  • If you are looking at a specific position, do you have examples of your work (bread baker, cake decorator, etc)
Another thing to think about changing jobs is how they formulate recipes. Are you familiar with both from-scratch recipes & menu items, and processed foods (different employers will have different requirements)? I only mention this because some kitchens strive to be homemade at all costs, while others place more emphasis on what the finished product looks like, and save time and money by using processed foods. No employer wants an employee turning up a nose at how they mix boxes of cake mix, and conversely, they will have a very hard time teaching someone the basics of a basic two-stage method white cake recipe - no matter how flowery a resume is. It's always a good idea to brush up on the basics.

Here are some links to various resume-writing services, or examples of what to put into resumes prepared for pastry chefs, cake decorators, and other bakery professionals. Cover letters are also covered.
Examples of actual resumes: These links have examples of resumes for pastry chefs on 'paper' so you can see how they are laid out. Purchase is required to view entire document, but you get the gist of it from the beginning so you can formulate your own if you wanted to.
  • Docstoc - Pastry Chef Resume (good look, actual document, but you have to purchase before editing)
  • Scribd - Pastry Chef Resume (another good look, actual document, but you have to purchase before viewing entire resume)
Good luck in your search!



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