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Shopping Cart will be down in April:
FYI—During the month of April, the online shopping feature for the product pages will be offline. This starts on the 1st of April and continues to the end of April. The product pages will still be up for you to view and browse. We hope this will not pose an inconvenience to our customers, and we will be back up soon in time for the Spring season. In May look for our popular yearly cake decorating specials, to include bags, tips, tip sets and more.

Sandcastle Cakes:
Our featured recipe, perfect for the upcoming spring tea parties and light desserts. They are very light, and best served fresh. Using half cornstarch half flour gives these cakes a sandy, very delicate texture. Reminiscent of a poundcake, these are baked in small loaf pans, and are great served with jam at tea time or with fresh strawberries and whipped cream for dessert.
Click here for the recipe.

Tip Printed Catalog:
Due to the high demand for printed literature from PastrySampler.com, we have put together a tip set catalog printed by us that is a great reference tool for those wanting to flip through the tip sets at their leisure. Included is an updated price sheet and order form for those whose preference is mail order rather than online purchasing. Send us an email or write us with the details (name and address), and we'll send one out to you. Email us at info@pastrysampler.com and ask for the tip catalog, and include your name and address.

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