For the Candy Buyer: New Sweets

Lindt Excellence, Chili (spicy red chili, dark chocolate bars)

Snickers Adventure Bar - Indiana Jones tie-in candy bar for the film 'Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull.' (snickers bar with Thai spice and coconut)

New Jelly Belly flavors: inspired by the Cold Stone Creamery (flavors are strawberry blonde, mint mint chocolate (chocolate) chip, chocolate devotion, apple pie a la cold stone, birthday cake remix) Also new with Jelly Belly is their Pomegranate jelly beans made with pomegranate juice.

Hello Kitty candy from Kandy Kastle Inc. (pops, gum dispensers, chocolate, more)

Mike and Ike's new Tropical Typhoon (caribbean punch, mango, paradise punch, kiwi banana and strawberry banana)

Playboy Enterprises Inc (yes the company with the bunny) has new chocolate bars, with all the packaging using the bunny or the mansion (milk chocolate and dark chocolate)

Renee Shelton

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