Dessert Professional - Top 10 Pastry Chefs in America - Tweet Live

The winner of The Top 10 Pastry Chefs in America that was announced by Dessert Professional, will be decided on July 7th at ICE in New York. For those who can't make it to the event, watch it 'live' on Dessert Professional, or get updates with the live tweets.

For a complete list of the nominees including where they work/hail from visit LaVidaCocoa.

Visit Dessert Professional for the results live.

Visit TweeBus for the results also and look it up via twitter.

2010 Top Ten Pastry Chefs in America
Search Term: #toptenpcia,
Description: Dessert Professional's 17th Annual celebration of the top pastry chefs in America is being held Monday, June 7th.

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