Great Sale on Cake Separator Plates

Pastry Sampler is in the process of moving the SPS Bakery Crafts cake separator plates to the new Culinary Shopper system. Therefore, we are unloading our current inventory of cake plates and columns. Many are already up on eBay - for those that need them now, awesome sales to be had, many at or under wholesale pricing. Once these are gone they are availabe at regular retail pricing. Get them while they last. But they are always available through custom orders.

Bakery Crafts Custom Orders

Also the pricing for all the cake boards, drums, cardboards, etc. has all been lowered, and all have been switched to the new ordering system. To place an order, fill out the order form and send it in to us. Minimums may apply, but we have many minimum free days for various manufacturers throughout the month.

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