Barry Callebaut Opens US Plant

From Barry Callebaut, the recognizable chocolate company has opened a pilot plant in Eddystone, PA, for research and development purposes. It will be a scaled-down version of an actual cocoa factory so it can produce new items for testing that can be recreated easily in their full factories. This is news as the new facility is in the US, and before, the only place R&D work was done in France. As a result, the company may provide better and faster service to its North American customers.

It can handle everything needed for mass cocao production: from a de-huller for cocoa beans (called a winnower), to a nib roaster to will roast the hull-less cocoa beans, all the way to a cocoa powder mill which processes a solid cocoa product into a usable powder.

The contact info for the US Barry Callebaut locations:
  • Barry Callebaut USA LLC
    903 Industrial Hwy
    Eddystone, PA 19022
    (610) 872-4528
  • Barry Callebaut USA LLC
    1500 Suckle Hwy
    Pennsauken, NJ 08110
    (856) 663-2260
Read more about the new facility from Barry Callebaut.

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