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I recently viewed a candy slideshow from showing many different brands and kinds of candy that can no longer be found. Some were very familiar (Marathon bars!) and some I'd like to try now. That got me to thinking about candy, and how people really miss or identified with a candy from their earlier years. Apparently, I'm not the only one who misses candy no longer being produced. There are tons of people of feel the same way!

Here are highlights of blogs and websites catering to just those sorts of individuals, or run by people who miss their candy.

And the one candy that is no longer made, that I've never tried, that I would love to try now - simply for its name? Chicken Dinner Candy Bar. According to the wikipedia page, the candy was originally made by the Sperry Company (see the name in the poster below) but the candy was later acquired by Pearson's Candy Company. Which is why I couldn't find the image of the candy on the historical shots of the Pearson's Candy webpage, except for the Chicken Dinner Candy Truck - click on the small chicken truck and Denver Candy thumbnail on their timeline. My kids would go goo-goo if they saw that truck now.

Chicken Dinner Good Candy

Chicken Dinner Good Candy
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