Lining a Rectangular Tart Mold

I recently made a savory tomato tart with mozzerella for the family. Big hit, especially with the kids who have suddenly found anything with fresh tomatoes heaven (last year it was barely edible...). The first thing I did was line the pastry mold with pie dough. If you have a tart mold and are unsure of how to line it, here is a refresher course: yes, it's as simple as it looks.

  1. Roll out your pastry dough, which could be anything from standard pie dough or shortcrust pastry, or a sugar dough (pâte brisée, pâte sucrée or even a pâte sablée). Make sure it is at least big enough for your tart mold, but not so big as to create a problem when pressing it into the mold itself.
  2. Roll up the pie dough on the rolling pin.
  3. Begin to unroll it beginning on one end and ending on the other.
  4. Gently press the bottom in first, and lay the overhang around the sides. Roll the pin over the top to trim the crust.
  5. Press the sides to create an even shape and thickness.
  6. Ready for filling or blind baking.


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