Satirical Bake Sale at Berkeley: Prices Based on Race & Sex

The thought of mixing politics and bake sales is a first for me. Here's the premise: A bake sale where prices for the pastry, baked goods, and other offerings are based on the student's sex and race, and is a protest for an affirmative action.

According to the events public facebook event page, Conscious Cupcakes Giveaway! is happening on Sept. 27, from 9:00 am to 2:30 pm in the Upper Sproul at Berkeley. As of this posting, 851 people will be attending. The official cause page from facebook, I Support the Increase Diversity Bake Sale, now has 352 likes.

From the Conscious Cupcakes Giveaway! event page:

Join us in celebrating and representing UC Berkeley's diverse community! We recognize we still have a long way to go in bridging the gaps in understanding the complexities of race, gender and sexuality, but we take the first steps by taking our first bite of FREE Conscious Cupcakes in solidarity!
If you want to contribute to cupcake making or donate cupcakes, please contact us! :)
From the I Support the Increase Diversity Bake Sale facebook cause page:
September 26, 2011

Show your solidarity with the Berkeley College Republicans who created the "Increase Diversity Bake Sale"
Mission: We want to express our solidarity with those who want consistent policies:
either it is the case that race, gender, ethnicity & nationality are not a proper basis for treating people differently -or- those factors can be considered when deciding what to charge for a muffin!

If politics and pastry are your thing, this would be a bake sale to attend.

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