Pairing Cookies with Wine - Cookies & Corks

Must...try...this !

Cookies and Corks pairs wine with different sweet and savory cookies. They have a flavor for every wine, and they have special selections available for different varietals. From their Pairings Page, you'll find different flavors geared for different wines.

  • Parmesan Thyme cookie with a Brut sparkling wine
  • White Cheddar Rosemary with a Cabernet Sauvignon
  • Apricot Sage with a Gewurztraminer
Visit their Facebook page for photos of your favorite stars when they were at the 2011 Emmys Gifting Suite. Their website has a convenient printable Expanded Pairing page in pdf form listing their cookie line and the wines that go best with them. Nine flavors to choose from.

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