December Tips for Pastry Sharing

Truffle style cake balls & chocolate.November fell into place and went by quickly. December usually goes by fast, too. Stretch the holidays by making each day festive for the month of December. How to accomplish that? Here are some ideas for sharing cakes, cookies, confections, and candy, all relating to the world of pastry:

  • Start your own cookie exchange, either with family members or friends.
  • Help plan and host a progressive dinner on your block and be the dessert stop, or make it a progressive holiday cookie or dessert party and spend an evening with desserts, coffee or tea.
  • Test your baking skills and give away your treats to someone in need, or someone who might enjoy a batch of freshly baked treats.
No matter what you celebrate this year or how you celebrate it, there is usually a pastry to go along with it or a dessert to make it even sweeter. I'm sharing a photo of cake balls I made recently for the kids with scraps of cake and leftover buttercream. Kids loved them and so did we...

Merry Christmas from Pastry Sampler!

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