Bakery & Restaurant Auctions

Here are auctions related to the bakery business, or with equipment that can be used in the bakery business:

Detroit, MI: BBQ and Dunkin Donuts Shop, Deb's Ice Cream Shop March 5th, 2012

From Detroit Metro Auctions. Of the many items up for bid, here is a sampling:
  • Ice Cream Shake Machine (Hamilton)
  • Cookie Oven
  • Refrigerators/Ovens
  • Sinks
  • Warmers
From Quitman, TX: Catering and Ice Cream: Consignors' Food / Restaurant Equipment Auction March 12th, 2012
  • Multiple Refrigerators
  • Tray Racks
  • Ice Cream Display Case
  • Freezers
  • Ice Cream Display Cabinet
  • Ice Cream Holding Cabinet
  • Bakery Display Case
  • Ice Cream Storage
  • Griddle / Stoves / Salamander

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