JEM Petal Recipe - Sugar Craft Paste

JEM - of JEM Cutters and - is a South African based company that produces pastry cutters specifically designed for sugar paste art. According to their website, the name JEM comes from the owner's name: Jill Elaine Maytham. JEM's petal paste recipe is included in some of their special cutter packs, and if the literature is lost, the recipe is hard to track down.

Here is the basic recipe for JEM sugar petal paste that can be used for both floral displays and other decorations. The JEM petal powder is a binder or thickener for sugar paste recipes, and if that isn't available use Tylose powder (which is readily available in the U.S. in candy and decorating shops). Also, note the recipe contains raw egg whites which should not be eaten so save this recipe for show pieces for decoration only and not for consumption.

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