Most Unusual S'mores Recipe: S'more Bombs

If there was an award for the most inventive S'mores recipe, I think it would probably have to go to Pastry Chef Ben Roche (of Moto Restaurant, Chicago) and his S'More Bombs. Complete with a burning wick, liquefied graham cracker center, and dark chocolate coating. So, along with the s'mores theme this month, here is his recipe and video of it in action. The recipe which you could recreate at home calls for a fried cellophane noodle wick. If you wanted that toasty, marshmallow-y flavored wick you'd have to go to the restaurant - the video shows Roche creating a dehydrated meringue version of the wick.

The recipe for Ben Roche's S'more Bombs can be found on Food Arts (step by step), and the video, below, is of him making the meringue wicks and lighting the bombs. If one of you have tried it, tell me how it tastes; I would love to try this one.


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