Changes to the Specialty Pastry Tip Set Line Ups

There are some changes, additions, and moves to some of the Pastry Sampler pastry tip sets - in the Specialty category. They are currently in the new catalog as well as on line.


Bakery Crafts Specialty and Drop Flower Tips Set
  • One of each of Bakery Crafts drop flower and large closed star tips. Stainless steel, 6 in the set.
    Included 1A, 2C, 1B, 1C, 1E, and 1G.
Specialty Tips Set
  • One of each of St. Honore, Bismark, Heart, and Christmas Tree.
    Useful for both pastry and bakery applications as well as dropped cookies.
    Included tips 880 (St. Honore), 230 (Bismark), 250 (Christmas Tree) and 252 (Heart).
Ateco Hi Precision Tips Set
  • One of each of Ateco's high end seamless Hi-Precision tips.
    Included tips 9000, 9007, 9009, 9010, 9017, 9020, 9022, 9027, 9030, 9047,
    9050, 9066, 9103, 9114, 9119, 9129, 9234, 9307, 9308, 9311.
Specialty Deep Cut Closed Stars
  • One of each specialty deep cut closed stars, used for drop flowers, piped cookies, funky borders, large fill-in stars, butter shapes, whipped cream, and more.
Micro Tips
  • One of each micro tips in assorted styles: plain (round), star, leaf, and rose. Use these tips for fine work, for decorative royal icing, and other details.
Left Handed Tips
  • One of each left handed tips - for making flowers and borders, and for decorators who decorate with their left hands.
St. Honore Tip Set
XL - Extra Long Tips
  • Magic Line tips, Ttese tips can get into tight places, or fill long, narrow spaces easily. Extra long length, sold by the each.
PME Supatube Sampler Pack
  • One of each of an assorment of PME Supatube Seamleass tips. Included tips 0, 2, 5, 16, 8, 17, 19B, 32R, 44, 57S, ST52.
Bismark Tip Sets


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