Sleepover Cupcakes

As soon as I had seen the Slumber Party cupcakes from the book Hello, Cupcake!, I knew I'd love to make them. Unfortunately, the opportunity didn't come up - until this weekend. My daughter had a sleepover with her cheer squad for some team building and dance fun, and I got to bring the cupcakes. Yay! Here is my version of Tack and Richardson's cupcakes.

I didn't have Starbursts or fruit candies to melt, so I used fondant and gumdrops for the blankets. I loved how the gumdrops had a sparkly texture, so if I do them next time I may use more gumdrops than fondant for the blankets. And my box of mini Nilla wafers was so inconsistent in size (some were much larger than others, some were even oblong) that I just made a batch of shortbread and cut out circles for the heads, and used those. Because the shortbread had a nice flat, even surface, food markers worked just fine for the faces. My daughter had fun matching the jelly beans from a pack of assorted Jelly Bellys, and she insisted on placing each gummy teddy bear and the jelly bean slippers on each cupcake. So glad I had such enthusiastic help. :)

The girls ate them up (in more than the literal sense...).


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