Biscuit Joconde Wedding Cakes

Love this idea!! I first heard about this style of cake this morning on one of my favorite blogs, dessert girl. In the blog post, there is mention of MRobin Cake Design and her luscious and completely different wedding cakes wrapped up in joconde sponge. I had to check them out having made about a thousand mini jaconde-wrapped cakes myself, served up as individual desserts. Really great idea here. And COMPLETELY customizable to whatever the bride can think up. She is based out of Portland, OR.

If you are wondering what Biscuit Joconde is, it is a thin, baked sponge cake that usually has a decorative element on it. The decorative element can be piped on, or scraped using a decorative marker and a colored mixture of the same batter. This batter is spread thin on a silpat (any brand silicone baking sheet will do), baked, then cut into strips and placed inside a pastry ring to hold together a mousse cake or layered for sheet cakes, like L'opéra. Really tasty, this sponge cake contains a mixture of egg whites and almond flour.

Here is one of the best videos on YouTube from Albarock. It's in French, but you don't need to understand the language; just watch the video as he explains the procedure well. The recipe is listed in English in the video.


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