Acticoa Chocolate - 8 Grams A Day for Health

Looking for an excuse to eat chocolate on a daily basis? Look to Callebaut for the answer. Their 'Acticoa' chocolate is processed to retain 80% of flavanols - which according to an article from Confectionery News is typically destroyed in the chocolate making process. Even though this chocolate is not new news, the fact the EU changed the wording on Callebaut's health claim is. The full article from Confectionery News provides links to the EU's decision, as well as what the SCFCAH deems normal vs. healthy with this health claim.

Callebaut suggests 8 grams of the Anticoa chocolate per day provides 100% of the daily recommended values of antioxidants. It's vegan-friendly as well. I haven't tried it yet but since the chocolate is over 60%, it is a bittersweet chocolate with a nice snap. And would probably make an easy and sweet way to take an antioxidant supplement each day.

For more information on this chocolate visit Callebaut's FAQs on Acticoa.


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