Biscuit (Sponge) Cakes - Definition, Pronunciation, and Examples

Biscuits have three general terms in the bakeshop:
  1. Cut out or dropped quick breads, baked light or soft with a golden brown crust, generally leavened with baking baking powder, baking soda, sometimes a little yeast, or just by the introduction of air such as beaten biscuits.
  2. Cookies or crisp breads.
  3. Sponge cakes.
The first two are familiar to most people. The last one is a favorite to industry professionals. Biscuit sponge cakes (an example of which is Biscuit Joconde) are not only quick to bake up and use, but there is literally a recipe for just about every application.

I go into their detail, including a definition and give examples on the Pastry Sampler main site, but also included a link so you can hear how the word is pronounced.

Biscuit (Sponge) - Thin Cakes Great for Layered Desserts and Mousse Cakes

Image above is an example of a mousse cake using biscuit sponge cake. Image courtesy Flickr User avlxyz through a creative commons license.


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