Compound Chocolate Seen Growing Faster Than 'Real' Chocolate

Interesting read from Confectionery News about compound chocolate which may bring sad news for chocophiles. According to the Buhuler Group, the compound chocolate market will grow at a faster rate than 'real' chocolate the next several years and the company is working on compound chocolate processing machinery to take advantage of this opportunity.

Compound chocolate contains cheaper fats replacing the more expensive cocoa butter. This not only brings down price, but makes the chocolate better protected from the elements, such as heat, that some countries have to contend with when shipping and manufacturing chocolate.

The full story:
Compound chocolate growth to outstrip ‘real’ chocolate, says Bühler
The global market for compound chocolate will grow faster than regular chocolate, according to equipment supplier Bühler which is gearing up to launch a smaller capacity compound chocolate processing machine to capitalize on the area.


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