3-D Confectionery Printers: The Sugar Lab, Choc Edge, and 3-D Open Source Machines

My husband wants a 3-D printer, so I've been scouting the Internet to learn all about it. These machines are amazing, not that we'll get one tomorrow or anything. A 3-D printer essentially prints out in three dimensional form of whatever you tell it to print. I've seen videos for 3-D printers that print out ceramics and found those that can print out plastic bracelets and rings.

Digging a little deeper, I wanted to see if there was a food equivalent - specifically, sweets. And surprisingly, there are culinary and food 3-D printers. I came across an article in Design News about Sugar Lab, a Silver Lake, CA company started by an architectural design husband-and-wife team specializing in custom sugar creations made from granulated sugar. Amazing work!

Source: The Sugar Lab.

UK-based Choc Edge also produces a 3-D machine, this time made just for chocolate. The videos for it mainly show intricate flat works, especially useful for creating chocolate portraiture. You can buy it directly from Choc Edge.

Source: Choc Edge.
And if you are wanting to know what a 3-D printer looks like in action, the video below shows the production of an open source 3-D food printing machine, demonstrated at the French Culinary Institute. Created by the tech wizards inside Cornell Creative Machines Lab at Cornell University, the goal is to eventually create a food printer with the same price tag as an iPad.

I'm already thinking of all the fun Christmas cookies I could decorate using a machine like this if I had one in my kitchen. :)


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