Hotel del Coronado's Version of S'mores

Okay, I know National S'mores Day was a couple of days ago, but I'm a big s'more fan. We celebrate by eating s'mores every time we go camping. And with Girl Scouts in the house, well, the dessert is part of the household now. :) So how does a chef create something new out of an old s'more recipe? By recreating it. Here are some examples below.

Image above: S'more's served in ENO Artisan Pizza and Wine Bar located at the Hotel del Coronado. The executive chef came up with something inventive: placing a homemade marshmallow on top of a healthy portion of ganache covered cheesecake with a graham cracker crust, and toasting it in a wood fired pizza oven. A bit of sweet combined with a restaurant version of a campfire. Swoon worthy.

How are others doing it? Bon Appetit listed five different alternative versions from chefs across the country, ranging from a bacon s'more to a frozen s'more on a stick. Home chefs are creative as well. Just a quick stop on pinterest will have you busy for days recreating some of the fun graham cracker treats. What's next on my list of things to try for the kids? White chocolate s'mores. Although I have yet to try to recreate Ben Roche's Acme S'more Bombs (see the link for a video on how they are made - they're the bomb!)



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