If You Were a Sweet, Where Would You Live?

So, if you were a sweet (such as a cookie, dessert, etc), where would you live? L.V. Anderson from Slate.com FOOD answers that question with United Sweets of America: If every state had an official dessert, what would it be? (Montana gets S’mores.).

Courtesy Slate.com and Jess Fink.

With her noting that "only eight states have an official dessert," she goes on a quest to give every state a dessert. Her rules:
  1. States all have to have a different dessert. In other words, once one state has claimed a dessert, no other state can use it as theirs.
  2. "Brands are not desserts." (Anderson makes an exception with Jell-O.)
  3. And, lastly, no one state can claim the all-American apple pie or chocolate chip cookies as their own.
You'll find all your favorites here, from fried pies to brownies, and some interesting ones, too, such as pot candy (yes, candy made from Mary Jane).

So, which are the 8 "official" state desserts, and some other official state sweets and baked treats? The list is below. It's worth noting Massachusetts has its sweet on with 4 entries. I now have a goal to seek out and taste a Boston Cream Doughnut.
  • Florida - State Pie - Key Lime Pie.
  • Maine - State Dessert - Blueberry Pie; State Treat - Whoopie Pie.
  • Maryland State Dessert - Smith Island Cake.
  • Massachusetts - State Muffin - Corn Muffin; State Dessert - Boston Cream Pie; State Cookie - Chocolate Chip Cookie; State Doughnut - Boston Cream Doughnut.
  • Minnesota - State Muffin - Blueberry Muffin.
  • Missouri - State Dessert - Ice Cream.
  • New Mexico - State Cookie - Bizcochito Cookie.
  • New York - State Muffin - Apple Muffin.
  • Ohio - State Candy - Buckeyes.
  • Oklahoma - State Treat - Cornbread; State Dessert - Pecan Pie.
  • Pennsylvania - State Cookie - Chocolate Chip Cookie.
  • South Dakota - State Dessert - Kuchen; State Bread - Frybread.
  • Texas - State Bread - Pan de campo; State Pastry - (two of them) Sopaipilla and Strudel.
  • Utah - State Snack Food - Jell-O.
  • Vermont - State Pie - Apple Pie.
  • Virginia - State Muffin - Blueberry Muffin; State Dessert - Ice Cream.
  • Wisconsin - State Pastry - Kringle.
Source: Wikipedia: List of U.S. State Foods.


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