Easter is not the same in 2015 with Cadbury's Big Changes

Cadbury Eggs, those egg-shaped creme-filled Easter-time chocolate treats, have changed things up a bit for 2015. The Hershey Company is licensed to manufacture the Cadbury Creme Egg (and other Cadbury chocolate products). Changes to look for in 2015 involving the Cadbury egg: product count reduced from 6 to 5 in a pack, and a different recipe for the chocolate using a non-dairy cocoa mix instead.

To say some people who faithfully buy and eat these sweet treats each year are disappointed is an understatement. On the Cadbuy Creme Egg's facebook page, they put a picture of an egg with two hearts cut into it and the fondant creme center oozing out. Fans took this as a sign the egg was crying.

We'll see if they change things back next year.

Cadbury Egg Trivia and More:

  • They are only available from January to April.
  • Initially sold as "Fry's Creme Egg" from J. S. Fry & Sons, Ltd. British chocolate company, it was renaimed "Cadbury's Creme Eggs" in 1971.
  • The Screme Eggs are the Halloween versions, and come with a white and green fondant creme center.
  • From Instructables, how to make Homemade Cadbury Creme Eggs.

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