Maker Monday: Paper Cornet and Chocolate Work

Another great video from Albarock: Technique du cornet au chocolate - cornet techniques with chocolate. His recipe for the chocolate: for the amount of chocolate in weight, add in 10% of that in oil (example - 100g of chocolate, add in 10g of oil). Melt in microwave - just to melt, do not get hot.

He does a really great job of showing how to properly roll a strong, tight cornet. If you are wanting to pipe out chocolate using a paper cornet, having a good paper cornet is really a necessity. ;)

Chocolate piping tips using a cornet:

  • Use a properly rolled cornet. (Stiff! Not loose or soft!) You need it to stand up to piping fine work.
  • Do not overfill. (It will spill out!)
The video is below.



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